The “Work Stuff” I’m Thankful For

Group of young friends praying at Thanksgiving table

Thankful for Family and Friends

‘Tis the season to be thankful for all the good things in life.  Topping the list are family, friends and, of course, our furriest buddy Reg!




Having left a successful corporate career to become an EntrepreDOer, I decided to make a list of all the “work stuff” I’m thankful for as well.




First, I’m thankful I took a chance on myself and started my business.  Although it was scary to make the shift, I am grateful that I moved from talking about entrepreneurship to finally doing it!  Did I do it alone?  Of course not.  I am thankful for my supportive family and for having a network of other business people who offered encouraging thoughts and support.

EntrepreDOers perfecting objectives-based positions

EntrepreDOers perfecting objectives-based positions




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Old household items: TV, VCR, radio, camera, alarm, phone, recorder, abacus. Old household items isolated on white background.



Second, I’m very happy this old…cat (we’re cat people)…can still learn new tricks.  One of the most important things about an economy that changes rapidly is having a skill set that can evolve and change, too.

My background is in computers so with our techno-centric culture, you’d think people with the same background would be in constant demand for positions, right?  Wrong.

Technology changes quickly and we must all adapt our skills just as quickly.  I mean really, when’s the last time you saw someone repair a public phone booth?  Drove past a TV repair shop?  Pulled out your needle and thread to mend socks?  Just because you know how to do something and those skills were in demand years ago, doesn’t mean they’re of value now.  I’m thankful that I still value learning new things and that I keep finding the opportunities to do so.


And speaking of Technology, third,  I’m thankful for all the great innovations that make work/life balance more accommodating.  I’m grateful for cell phones, laptops, safe travel and the ability to work anywhere in the world with video conferencing and a good Wi-Fi connection.


In the not so distant future, I am sure I will also be thankful for smart houses, self-driving cars, and personal butler robots.  Woohoo!


Next year, will you be thankful for being an entrepreDOer or will you still just be talking about it?

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