Have you moved beyond just thinking about starting a business and are taking steps to DO it?  If so, then you are an entrepreDOer and you have found the right blog!

Our mission at EntrepreDOer.net is to provide resources, guidance and information to help entrepreneurs succeed especially when it comes to the all important but often daunting task of finding and building your teams.  Here’s how we can help.

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Talent to drive your unicorn business model

While you’re out perfecting your business model, slaying the obstacles ahead, and searching for your path to elusive unicorn status, we can get you there by introducing you to the ‘horse whisperers’ you need on your team.

We provide articles, lessons learned and white papers to help you avoid pitfalls and move to the next level.  We have also partnered with SweatEquitE.com to provide you access to some of the best proven business and technical talent available.  Make sure you fill out a business profile to get started.

Sweat EquitE empowers startups, emerging small businesses and non-profits by matching them with accomplished professionals and students looking for objectives-based work opportunities.


EntrepreDOers working smarter with objectives-based jobs

What are objectives-based opportunities?

Objectives-based means you define your needs based on business priority and agreed upon timelines.

All jobs aren’t defined by hours behind a desk in an office.  So your employees want to start working at 3am or perform best on Saturday afternoons?  No problem!  Just define the objectives, set the deadline and let them work in whatever fashion makes sense for them.

Sweat EquitE provides a secure online marketplace for professionals and students to meet and barter skills with small businesses for equity and alternative compensation while allowing for full-time, part-time and second-time work.

EntrepreDOer.net  provides the guidebook.  Glad you found us!  Now let’s get started building your business.